Credit Spread Trading At It's Best

  • OUR GOAL: Obtain Consistent Market Beating Returns While Still Protecting Investment Capital specializes in a very simple yet highly effective trading strategy
    that is easy to understand, easy to trade, and can result in impressive results.

    The strategy is commonly referred to as “selling credit spreads”.

    The credit spread is an option trading strategy that is gaining popularity because of its
    ability to work in all types of market conditions: Up, Down, and Sideways.

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Some of the Benefits of the Credit Spread:

  • The Main Reason.

    We love the Credit Spread becauseit is an extremely flexible setup that can be used in Rising, Falling and Sideways markets.
  • Win 3 Ways.

    These trades work if the stock moves in the direction you think it will, does not move at all, or even moves slightly against you.
  • Simple and Boring.

    It is an easy strategy to understand and get started. It also requires very little maintenance.
  • Odds in your favor.

    Choose the appropriate risk/reward ratio to match your trading temperament. The way we trade is great for conservative traders.
  • Quick Trades

    Each trade lasts between 1-5 weeks.
  • Limited Risk.

    Know the maximum risk per suggestion ahead of time. The suggestion can never lose more than this amount no matter what happens.
  • Market beating returns.

    Our trading plan is designed to beat the stock market averages.
  • Benefit from Time Decay.

    Options expire like coupons. The closer they are to their expiration date the lower their value. Thus, as days go by the trade is worth less and less.
  • Scalable

    Our average trade requires $500 minimum but can also be traded with much more.
  • Base Hits.

    Instead of swinging for the fences and striking out, the strategy hits base hits over and over. You never run out of trades because there are many possibilities every month.

Why You Should Consider Being a Member of Our Service:

  • Experience:

    Our traders have years of experience in Credit Spreads and options. This is what we do all day long.
  • Vigilance:

    We monitor each position daily and email members if there is any action needed.
  • Guidance:

    Members can email us with any questions at anytime. We try to respond the same day.
  • Trade Selection:

    Our professional traders scan hundreds of potential trades and only suggest the ones we feel have the best risk/reward and chance to work in our favor.
  • We put our money where our mouth is:

    We will be in every trade suggested with our real money.
  • Risk Management:

    We use a set stop loss which protects against large losses.

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